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Full Version: Fundraiser for my cadet corps
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So my cadet corps is selling these fancy ornament thingies for 25 bucks a pop for Christmas. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in contributing, as all raised money goes to funds for my low-funded cadet corps and possibly a small memorial service for a fallen cadet and friend, Gunner. Any amount would be extremely appreciated. Everything will be sent by mail and all information is COMPLETELY confidential.

The money would preferably be paid through written checks, sent through the mail to a privately messaged address (my school address). Any information on the checks, again, would be absolutely confidential and shared with no one. After money is received, the ornaments will be sent through the mail to the address given to me. You do not have to share your home address, you can use a post office thingy nearby. 

Please send me a private message for more information or reply to the post for more basic and non-sensitive information.