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Full Version: hey its me nightmares, a saiyan raised on earth (HI GABE COZZIE AND M0)
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hi idrc i you ban me again, i just wanted to talk to my friends again, since derpchat died (sorry gabe)
im good hbuuu
omg if u have twitter or insta literally whats ur user
since this is still here somehow hey night
i wasnt even supposed to be banned actuallly i got banned by bork but lucent said i could be unbanned so dont expect me to be here much longer than 5 minutes
hi nm
moon legit pm me or whatever ur user if u have insta or twitter or xbox or smething omg

only if ur comfortable with that lol, imissed u omg
but umm i have discord but im logged out rn i'll tell you tommorow
lucent not banning me??? b-b-b-b-b-b-b--b-b-b-b-blushes hi lucent
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