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Welcome! You probably clicked on this fantastic fabulous forum to find my incredible live video account in! I'll give you that beautiful URL, and you, yes you, can have a marvellously wonderful, amazing time enjoying my deep, soothing, Minecrafty voice. It'll be absolutely splended- ohhh yeeah! 

Schedule should be present right on that very page

As you are enjoying these wonderfully fine displays of the most cutting-edge, extreme entertainment ever to tickle your eyes AND ears, you may wish to ask me your very own questions. In that case, feel absolutely welcome and comfortable here to express your beautiful little thoughts to other diehard extreme Lopyt fans, and THE Lopyt HIMSELF. (Truly a golden opportunity...) 

Any questions, comments, or suggestions may be sent below. Enjoy my videos (or else...)
We love you !!
Lopyt you're amazing!
If I can get 100 viewers average over 3 days, I'll set up my camera