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Full Version: Hi there, folks!
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Welp, here I am!

So, my name's Roger, I'm a dude who's currently 21, and I have always kinda aspired to produce electronic music. Sometimes I would randomly create tracks in my head during my daily life, and then often forget about them since I don't have any DAW with plugins yet to bring my ideas to life, nor do I have any equipment besides my external DAC and headphone amplifier, as well as my studio headphones (yes, I'm kinda an audiophile).

Just a few days ago, however, I just happened to stumble across this site through a reddit post. Glad I did! I have been experimenting while trying to come up with some OK melodies for I guess almost a week now (accidentally released an unfinished version of one of my sequences as well a day or so before I made my account on here, since that's apparently what the 'Save a copy' button does), and more or less familiarized myself with what this sequencer offers along the way.

And yes, of course this is only a very basic starting point which can give me at least a bit of a creative outlet until I can purchase a DAW and actually start learning to produce properly (it'll take a good while before I can do so though). And note that of course, high quality productions aren't exactly guaranteed when you're a total beginner like me with zero knowledge about music theory and zero experience with any kind of software for making/mastering music. I'm just trying my best with the basic mixing and mastering this sequencer offers though.

Just to let you know which genres I most often listen to, in no particular order (and this also may not necessarily 100% represent what I will produce on here):

- Dubstep
- Brostep
- Drum & Bass
- Eurobeat
- Thrash Metal
- A lot more, the above are just the most frequent ones, as I said.

Until then, I don't know how often I'll produce anything on here, but here's to hoping I'll have a good time, and that you guys will have a good time as well! Smile
Hi Roger

I like trap beats, but not those overhyped edm dubstep trap beats.
More like rap trap beats
Just use a free DAW like Reaper or Ardour or Cakewalk! They work just as well as paid DAWs (technically Reaper is paid and Cakewalk esed to be quite pricey) and for plugins, some cross platform free ones I recommend, especially for EDM, are Surge Synthesizer and Vital, avldrumsx42, mtpowerdrumkit2, and the LSP plugins. All the music on my bandcamp account has been made on entirely free and mostly open source software! Don't let marketing campaigns fool you into thinking you need to spend tons ofmoney to do music, you don't need to!

P.S. about Reaper, its not technically free,but it doesmt restrict you at all when the trial period ends, sort of like WinRAR. Its also very very cheap for a super flexible DAW anyways so I include it with the free ones that I recommend.

Good luckmaking music!
Hi! I make metal! I can send you some!