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Full Version: Send your conlanguages!
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If you don't know what one is, look it up.

I ended up being the marketing officer of my school's conlanging and linguistics club, so if you guys have any images of constructed languages or scripts that you've made, feel free to DM me some images on Discord or on this forum! It would help me make posters and stuff.
I have an entire fleshed out family of 12 natlangs and 2 conlangs, but here are some links to reference archives for my stuff (this is a public version of the Forum PM I sent Lucent.)

Dawn (proto-language)
Cave Sprachbund (consists of 5 languages)
Bardic Gestures (manual conlang)
Whisper (a voiceless and "vowelless" version of one of the Cave langauges; sounds "like the winds blowing through caves")

P.S.: I'm still working on the family, so it's far from complete.

P.P.S.: Some highlights for Dawn:

The languages have a consonantal root system similar to the Semitic languages, and a simple noun class system.

k-t-p = drawing glyphs
katap = to write
kätpu = to draw
ektep = to spell

The noun classes are:
D- = sentient beings, body parts, members of systems
F- = natural forces
N- = animals
Ġ- = plants
W- = other (nonliving objects, abstract concepts)

dikatap - writer, scribe
fikatap - natural etchings
nikatap - an animal related to writing or symbols
ġikatap - a plant used for writing styli
wikatap - book, written story

Number is denoted by:
-i- = singular
-u- = plural

wikatap - a book
wukatap - books

Also, each noun class has a different base to count by:
D- : Base 10
F- : Base 4
N- : Base 8
Ġ- : Base 6
W- : Base 10
(Luckily, most of these iron themselves into simpler systems in the daughter langauges.)