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OSStuck: The Sburb™ Session for OnlineSequencer!
Credits to Andrew Hussie and the good people at What Pumpkin? for Homestuck

[Image: 1.png]

A young man stands on his bed, because there's apparently no graphical space to stand on the floor and still be seen in full, and today, November 15, 2021, his birthday will happen in about 16 days. However, he must first be named before we can proceed, because it would be weird for him to not have a name throughout the story or just logistically speaking.

What will his name be?
call him harry woodcock
Call him jimmy, jimmy is good
Tess Tichole, Edith Puthie, Hugh Janus, Butterball Dickson, Asscrusher Jones, Chris P Bacon, Hu Flung Dung, Ben Dover, Mike Hunt, Mo Lester

>Enter name.

[Image: 2.png]

As cool as that name sounds, you actually do have arms. You just don't need them.

Or maybe you threw them in the trash. Who knows?
Why is his bedroom so tiny
You asshole you should have named him jimmy, or anus.
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