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Full Version: How to compose for free? Good free of cheap DAWs and VSTs.
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Hello, some time ago I was trying to find if it's possible to make some relatively decent (especially orchestral) music for free.
I just want to share what I found.

Free vst plugins&libraries:
-BBC Symphony Orchestra (got it for free after filling some survey)
-Spitfire Audio LABS
-Kontakt 6 Player (can work as vst, but is quite limited - not all libraries are available for a free version... and is (in my case) quite buggy - after using it, I need to restart the computer because of some problems with sound rendering. Full version a bit (!!!) too expensive for my pocket).

On the other hand... are they so much better than Online Sequencer...?

Comment, recommend, advise.  Smile
os best daw
Ardour is free and open source,but much more stable than LMMS. There also is Cakewalk, but thats windows only, and Reaper, but that technically does cost money, though its very cheap. For free plugins everyone should have, Surge is THE best synth I've seen, and on top of that, its open source and multiplatform. Vital is great too! For drums I strongly recommend MTPowerDrumkit2, and AVLDrumsx42, both are free and sound awesome, and if you dont like them there are plenty of awesome drum sounds at For amps and stuff I recommend Lepou plugins, Ignite Amps plugins, and Guitarix. Lots of variety and you can get a ton of tones. Other effect plugins I would recommend are the VOS plugins, quite a few very high quality andfree plugins, but windows only and they may only be 32bit. Synthedit is cool too.
Saturation Knob is good too, Ozone Imager, TDR Nova, Tapeotronic, AmpleGuitar, MeldaProduction has somefree ones, Valhalla had a free one and their expensive ones are still pretty affordable
If you are using reaper, there is a JSFX called ReEQ, its free and similar to ProQ3
Also should mention VSCO community edition, free orchestra
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