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Full Version: Eric's Creations Outside of OS
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I can convert the MIDIs to WAV for you.
I downloaded your Land of Dream MIDI and ran it through a program that generates better audio. Let me know what you think about it Smile

Drive Link: Right here
Thanks. I can use different soundfonts to make it sound differently.
You know something I just realized? I've actually been using solmire to convert some of my online sequencer tunes into mp3's to use in my game, since mid 2015. I've been using javascript in the online sequencer to make longer notes as well (example:
I use a converter program that I got from someone who I know, and I use soundfont (sf2) files to convert them to MP3. I can edit the velocity in FL Studio (which I cracked Tounge) to make it louder. I will post the audio of this song on soundcloud for now -- I am doing this because if you like it, I can send you both the soundfont and the program so you can use it yourself!
Give me a few days Smile
I think I like your music... Check out mine?
Howd I get here...
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