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Full Version: Creations Outside of OS
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Creations outside of OS
(Soundcloud and youtube)
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1. Tower of Glass

2. The King of Council

3. Land of Dream (New quality)

4. Upside Down Rain

5. The Heart of Despair (Original ending)

6. Tainted Tears

7. The Dancing Sky

8. Stairway into Nothing

9. Forbidden Lands ~{Culminate}~ (Synthesia)

10. The Gateway of Portals

11. Theme of Wisdom

12. Forever in Mind

13. Theme of Understanding

14. Path of the Warrior

15. Monologue Heart

16. Type Zero

17. Heartstrings

18. Dialogue Mind

19. Land of Dream, Dream of Alternation

20. Theme of the Golden Cloud

21. The Forbidden Council

22. Never in Heart

23. Theme of The Empty Sky

24. The Harmonious Dissonance

25. Tainted Wonder

26. Transparent Notes

27. Last Sanctuary

28. Theme of the Silver Lining

29. Theme of the Ocean Sky

30. Beautiful Darkness

31. Theme of the Empty Sky -Last Climax-

32. Theme of Novels

33. Empty Sky 8-bit boss theme

34. Empty Sky 8-bit boss theme extended (youtube)

35. Golden Clouds 8-bit battle theme

36. Forever in Mind - 8 bit battle theme

37. Theme of Entrancement

38. Wondrous Venture

39. Melodramatic Sadness

40. Land of Dream official remake

41. Dialogue Mind 8-bit theme

42. Luminous (8-bit)

43. Root of All Hope

44. Root of All HopeV2 (youtube)

45. 8-bit compilation. (youtube)

46. No Pain No Gain (Extended)

47. Fly me to the moon (because why not)

48. Star LINK

49. Celestial Stellar

50. Dreamscape Traveler (Extended)

51. Primordia 12: Tower of Kings

52. Primordia 13: Battle Theme Area 2

53. Primordia Select Screen (animated)

54. Ultimatum

55. Primordia 16 - Ursa Polaris (Youtube)

56. Primordia 16 - Ursa Polaris (Soundcloud version)

57. Primordia 17 - Evil Queen

58. Primordia 18 - Cavern Guardian

59. Primordia 19 - Fear of the Unknown

60. Taciturnity (YouTube) (Note: AYEE 60 SONGS!)

61. Primordia 21 - Hostility

62. Primordia 22 - Through the Mystical Forest
I can convert the MIDIs to WAV for you.
I downloaded your Land of Dream MIDI and ran it through a program that generates better audio. Let me know what you think about it Smile

Drive Link: Right here
Thanks. I can use different soundfonts to make it sound differently.
You know something I just realized? I've actually been using solmire to convert some of my online sequencer tunes into mp3's to use in my game, since mid 2015. I've been using javascript in the online sequencer to make longer notes as well (example:
I use a converter program that I got from someone who I know, and I use soundfont (sf2) files to convert them to MP3. I can edit the velocity in FL Studio (which I cracked Tounge) to make it louder. I will post the audio of this song on soundcloud for now -- I am doing this because if you like it, I can send you both the soundfont and the program so you can use it yourself!
Give me a few days Smile
I think I like your music... Check out mine?
Howd I get here...
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