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Full Version: The Book of Buildism, Selected Passages
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The Book of Buildism, Selected Passages
Author, Jacob
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The Founder's home for three winters was now being taken from him by Fate. He realized that the only fitting way to honor the Old Empire was to create another society of comparable merit, but he couldn't possibly have known about the challenges that were before him.
The Book of Buildism, 8:3

A spirit visited the Founder in his sleep. She informed him of the mechanism that would be necessary to achieve his goal. For many months he had struggled, and he was all too thankful. He began to work.
The Book of Buildism, 9:12

After a false start, the Founder formed a small group called the Buildists. The Buildists claimed land and set out to build an empire. A few travelers stopped by, but they remained loyal to the Red Beast and soon returned to Him. But the Beast's empire was beginning to show signs of fracture; it was only a matter of time.
The Book of Buildism, 10:10

The followers of the Red Beast were assaulted. The Buildists resisted, and only just saved the empire from collapse. Some necessary killings were committed, but more than a few of the intruders saw the Light and changed their villainous ways. The Assault brought pain and suffering, but in the aftermath there was a great flourishing in culture and society.
- The Book of Buildism, 11:4

The Beast was becoming uneasy. He began to crush all dissent, and his censors ensured that the Buildists could not publish any information about their land in His territory. The chief Buildists worked day and night to improve their empire, and it emerged as a viable habitat. The numbers of the Buildists continued to climb.
- The Book of Buildism, 11:5

A few bandits from an unknown society came to harass the Buildists. The Buildists were filled with rage, as their words were filled with bitterness and lies. Then, someone spoke a few words in a strange tongue. The bandits vanished, and they were transported to another world where gravity was low and there were bizarre craggy landscapes. They remained trapped there for the rest of their lives, for they had no idea what had happened or how to escape because things like this never happened in their homeland.
Following this, the Buildists entered a great time of expansion and creativity.
- The Book of Buildism, 11:6

a10: Most Buildists did not want to conquer the Beast. However, the hostility of the Beast-worshippers toward the Buildists made conflicts impossible to avoid.
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