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Full Version: I now present...The SiIquenceGunner In-TUNE-Net Tourney
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IT'S TIME TO REVEAL THE INEVITABLE...THE SiIquenceGunner In-TUNE-NeT Tourney! Now, you may be asking...What IS In-TUNE-Net Tourney?

In-TUNE-Net Tourney is a King For Another Day stylized tournament, which makes sense for this account, considering it's a SiIvaGunner parody account. King for Another Day is a 32 contestant tournament starring those such as Dr. Robotnik, Adam Levine, PAPYRUS, Johnny Bravo, Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams, Eminem, DJ Professor K, Pitbull and the Aliens, Waario Partners LLP., and Solid Snake. Now you may also be asking "Who are the contestants of In-TUNE-Net Tourney?" Well, the contestants are as follows:

01. Weegee
Uses rips from the Luigi's Mansion games.
(Luigi's Mansion, Luigi's mansion Dark Moon, Luigi's Mansion 3DS, ans Luigi's Mansion 3)
Rips from Super Mario World.
(Athletic Theme, Overworld Theme, and Castle Theme, etc.)
Rips featuring Eminem and his collaborators.
(The Real Slim Shady, My Band, My Salsa, Rap God, Lose Yourself, etc.)
Rips featuring old YTPs and YTPMVs, EXCEPT Rock my Emotions YTPMVs
(Sponge on Me, Jack Ware Inc., etc.)

02. Henry Stickmin
Uses rips from the Henry Stickmin series.
(Breaking the Bank, Escaping the Prison, Stealing the Diamond, Infiltrating the Airship, Fleeing the Complex, and Completing the Mission)
Rips of Among Us + Among Us Fan-Content.
(CG5's Among Us Songs, Among Us Logic, Among Us Trap/Drip Remix, etc.)

03. Blocky
Uses Rips from songs used in the B.F.D.I. series.
(Happy Boy Theme, evolekaf, Hush, Famous 600K, New Friendly)
Rips featuring popular SiIvaGunner Rips.
(Athletic Theme (PAL VERSION), DK Rap (Extended Mix), etc.)

04. Ruby Cicierega
Rips featuring songs used in the B.F.D.I. series.
Rips featuring songs made my Niel Cicierega A.K.A. Lemon Demon.
(Two Trucks, Mask of my Own Face, BRODYQUEST, etc.)
Rips featuring songs used in Niel's "Mouth" albums.
(One Week, Who Can It Be Now?, All-Star, etc.)

05. sans
Rips featuring every version of ***** Made by Toby Fox.
Rips featuring Undertale the Musical's *****,
Rips featuring sans.
Rips featuring It's Raining Somewhere Else.
Rips Featuring Alternate Universe MEGALOVANIAs.
Rips featuring Good Day for a Good Day.

06. Puff Puff
Rips Featuring songs from Your Favorite Martian,
(My Balls, Orphan Tears, Stereotypes Song, Zombie Love Song, etc.)
Rips featuring the Cool Transition.
Rips featuring songs by the Upside Downs.
(Pixar Mom, Ugly 8, Let's Do Drugs 12, etc.)
Rips featuring songs by the FAttY SPiNS.
(Doin' Your Mom, Schooled, Muppet Sex, etc.)
Rips Featuring songs from Kintsune^2's album, Squaredance.
(Rock My Emotions, Rainbow Tylenol, Good Night, PKMN, etc.)
Rips Featuring Rock My Forum
Rips featuring Rock my Emotions YTPMVs.
(Rock my OCtagon, Rock my BFDI, Rock my SML, etc.)

07. Dabhdude
Rips featuring songs from Sonic Heroes.
(Sonic Heroes, What I'm Made Of, Seaside Hill, etc.)
Rips featuring songs from the Yoshi series.
(Story Organ, The Flower Garden, Kamek's Theme, Athletic, etc.)
Rips featuring songs from SpongeBob Squarepants
(Grass Skirt Chase, Goofy Goober, Twelfth Street Rag, etc.)

08. Scout
Rips featuring VALVe media + Fan-Content.
(Rocket Jump Waltz, No Cake For You, Count to Three, etc.)

09. Dream
Rips featuring songs used in Minecraft Manhunt.
(Trance Music For Racing Game, Hypérion, War Drums, There is No Escape, etc.)
Rips featuring songs made by Dream.
(Roadtrip, Mask, and Change my Clothes.)
Rips featuring the Minecraft OST.
(Calm 1, Sweden, Pigstep, Wet Hands, etc.)

10. Pico
Rips featuring songs from Pico's School.
(Step 1, It's Go Time, Boss Fight, etc.)
Rips featuring songs from Friday Night Funkin Week 3.
(Pico, Philly-Nice, and Blammed)
Rips featuring gunshots.

11. Bill Cipher
Rips featuring songs from Gravity Falls.
(Theme, Wax Room, 8-bit Paccy, Copy Machine Dipper, etc.)
Rips featuring the X-Files theme.

12. WilburSoot
Rips featuring songs by WilburSoot.
(Your New Boyfriend, I'm So Smart, Internet Ruined Me, etc.)
Rips featuring songs by LoveJoy.
(Taunt, Oh Yeah, Gonna Cry?, One Day, etc.)
Rips featuring songs by A.R.G.
(Evil Dead, Us, Chocolate, RIP, Back To Life, etc.)

13. Pig (Angry Birds)
Rips featuring songs from Angry Birds.
Rips featuring the Bad Piggies Theme.
Rips featuring "Drip" themes, EXCEPT Among Us Drip.
(Bad Piggies Drip, Ultra Dripstinct, Plants Vs. Zombies Drip, etc.)

Rips featuring songs from the PAC-MAN Series
Rips featuring PAC-MAN Fever.
Rips featuring songs about the undead.
(Ghostbusters, Danny Phantom, Spooky Scary Skeletons)

15. Chara
Rips featuring songs from the Earthbound 2012 I Miss You album.
(Fallen Down, Megalo Strike Back, Batty Bird Bop, Fire Spring, etc.)
Rips featuring the Knife Game.

16. Paper Mario
Rips featuring songs from the Paper Mario series.
(Toad Town Theme, Angry Bowser, The Ultimate Show, Twilight Trial, etc.)
Rips featuring songs from Mario RPGs.
(Beware the Forest's Mushrooms, Tough Guy Alert, Try, Try Again, Goodbye Geno, etc.)

Now, at some point, they have to face against bosses, who are as follows:

01. Sonic.EXE
Rips featuring songs from the original Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis Trilogy.
(Green Hill Zone, Marble Garden Zone, Lava Reef Zone, Emerald Hill Zone, etc.)
Rips featuring songs from Sonic.EXE.
(Hill Act 1, You Can't Run, Hide and Seek, etc.)
Rips featuring songs from Friday Night Funkin' Vs. Sonic.EXE.
(Endless, Black Sun, Faker, etc.)

02. Shy Guy
Rips featuring songs from Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA).
(Overworld, Character Select, Boss Battle, Star Theme, etc.)

03. SMG3
Rips featuring songs from Super Mario Land.
(Overworld, Muda Kingdom, Coin Room, Invincibility, etc.)
Rips featuring songs from SMG4 and Glitch.
(Darkest Hour, Always Running, All W.O.T.F.I. Raps, etc.)

04. TheGuy
Mashups featuring SoundClown songs.

05. Robin
Rips featuring songs from Teen Titans GO!
(Pie Bros. Hot Pepper, Mummy Money, etc.)
Rips featuring songs from Cartoon Network.
Rips featuring licensed songs featured in Cartoon Network shows.
(Take On Me, Through the Fire and the Flames, Party Tonight, etc.)

06. Bo Burnham
Rips featuring songs by Bo Burnham.
(Sad, Welcome to the Internet, Bezos I, Art is Dead, etc.)

Now, it's important to note that there will be no schedule. I feel it's better this way so I can release sequences when their ready, and not break my back trying to follow a schedule.

Now, how will one of the contestants win this tournament? Well, that's up to YOU, the OS COMMUNITY!!! You all will vote on which character you think should go to the next round. Now, in the words of John Notwoodman, VOTE RESPONSIBLY! Just because your don't care for a certain character doesn't mean you should vote against them just for that. Consider the kind of rips they use. The character you may not care for may have the better library of rips.

Happy listening and STAY RIPPING!
>:] nice.