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Full Version: New button
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I made something simple in JavaScript, which just adds a new button. But it would be great if this was actually a button. Copy the raw midi link, not the link to the onlinesequencer page.

var data = {} = window.location.href.split('/')[3];
data.midiLink = '' +;
data.copyMidiLink = (function(){ $(copyTextToClipboard(data.midiLink)) })

document.getElementById("bar_links").innerHTML = ' / <a href="javascript:data.copyMidiLink(); window.alert(`Sucess! Now you can use this as a direct link to the MIDI file, not just the onlinesequencer page!`);console.log(`DaCuteRaccoon worked his ass off on this, so please don\'t copy...`);">Copy File Link</a>' + document.getElementById("bar_links").innerHTML;
looks like you put a good amount of work into it, but ... what does it do