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Full Version: Games with Lopyt!
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Hi, sometimes I play videogamesin my computer, you can, at times, join me in these games through internet! The games I play online are Minecraft and LFS, and I may start playing SuperTuxCart but thats a maybe. (its free)

To play LiveForSpeed online, download it and make an account on the website, then install the game and sign in in the game, and go to multiplayer. If I am using the game, you can probably find me at Lopyt_Music username or on a world named Lopyt or something like that. 

Steering is done with yourmouse or wheel, not the keyboard, so you move it to the side to turn and press the left andright buttons to go and stop

Don't worry about your computer not being powerful enough to play the game, it was created in 2003 and runs perfect at medium high graphics on my desktop computer with a CPU from 2014 and no GPU, and on my laptop from 2017 with no GPU. 

I'm not going to explain Minecraft because you probably know what that is andhow to use it. If you want to join me in Minecraft, send me a message in OSChat or sometimes I use online multiplayer world.

SuperTuxCart is just MarioCart but instead of nintendo the characters are mascots of some open source apps like Tux. I believe you justmake an account and you can use online modeBUT I disn'tmake an account yet so I'm not certain.

Are there anyotheronline games you think I should try playing? I'd reallypreferto not download anything larger than 5GB, especiallyifit gets a lot ofupdates, at the time of writingmy internet isnot even 1mb/s most of the time so ittakes avery long timeto download stuff like games, oh andmy hard drive is 250GB and I prefer not to waste that space on 8K textures I'll never see because the game runs at 10FPS on 720p! ?

I use linux, by the way so some games may not even work at all
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I have no patience for videogames.
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