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Full Version: has a song you've made had/haves high personal Value?
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During my recovery period I realized I only like things, people and other things that have emotional value or connects to me personally. Every thing I do has my Heart, Soul, Mind Sweat ,Blood and Tears put in it and if I cannot connect or lose that connection I won't do it. 
Now I'm wondering something though...
I like OS cause of it's sorta Informal community, Music is made for fun -Not just Money- and that is a feeling absent from most content today. however as I just randomly listen to sequences I've began to wonder Is their a Sequence you've made that deeply, personally, and/or Emotionally connect to? 
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None of my songs have any deep emotional connection or anything. Strong feelings just don't come to me while I'm sitting on the computer at 4pm. I imagine dumb fake situation music videos in my head to go along with my songs, but they don't really mean much other than displaying a certain vibe, which isn't usually specific.
Everything that I write has strong personal meanings and feelings.
Of course, every song that I make has high personal value because I made them myself
The main thing that I'm attached to is Royal Red which has a deep personal meaning which came out of struggle and being crunched for time