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Full Version: How to get fnf vocals
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how do you get fnf midi vocals
Fair warning bro. Most people here don't like FNF.
(01-06-2022, 04:11 PM)trapbeat349 Wrote: [ -> ]Fair warning bro. Most people here don't like FNF.

I don't like FNF
You can't use anything like that here. I recommend installing a DAW to your computer like Reaper, Ardour, or Cakewalk, then instaling eithera synthesizer plugin like SurgeSynthesizer, or finding some sample pack. All apps and plugins I mentioned are free, but there are other nes as well
I also don't like FNF. But it is my opinion. I am searching for a site online where I can read free essay samples or where I can find article shows. And when I was searching for it online, I found your post.
You don't get FNF midi vocals