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Full Version: Save Auto Scroll / Fast Graphics preferences and add "Neutral" markers
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In the current state of OS, you can put markers in songs which toggle the settings of Fast Graphics and Autoscroll. However, due to the way these markers work, they may result in users being stuck with settings they don't want to have in their sequence. For example, in "Polyphia" (linked at the bottom) you can't turn use Fast Graphics because there's a marker that turns them off in the 7th measure. And in "Haunted" (also linked at the bottom), I used a few Auto Scroll markers for a spooky moment, but after that I have to pick one of the 3 options to force users to use for the rest of the song, which I would rather not have to do. I have an idea to solve this.

I think OS would benefit from either saving, or having the option to save, a user's desired settings for Fast Graphics and Autoscroll. Right now they start set to off and on fast respectively, which is very understandable because those are probably what most users would pick anyways. You can easily toggle Fast Graphics the "player mode" with a button, but you have to enter edit mode to switch the auto scroll from the default.  While these aren't exactly huge obstacles to over come, it could be inconvenient, and saving a user's desired settings would help.

Along with the aforementioned saving system, I suggest a "Neutral" setting for Fast Graphics and Autoscroll . This setting would revert to the default settings of the user playing the song, allowing you to use visual markers for effect when you want to without needing to dictate a user's settings for the rest of the song. This wouldn't necessarily need the saving system to work, since you could just click the options you want after a Neutral marker shows up, but you would need to know it's there somehow. Either of these two ideas would help users a bit; putting them together would help a bit more.

If you actually read all of this crap, thanks. I know this is far from an important issue, and if nothing ever comes of this I don't think anyone would ever care, but I think it would be a nice QoL change, and it would make me less hesitant to use the visual markers to do weird things. Please let me know what you think, and thanks again.