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Full Version: the ability to view multiple different instruments in separate track groups
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I am coming in from using different DAW systems and by far this is the most intuitive and easy to use but the one suggestion I have is to add a track list for the different audio files. By this I mean an overview page where instead of having all the notes for all the song you have different parts that play at the same time but are both editable separately. The picture is an overly complicated one and the thought would need to be simplified but with this it would be easier for composers to organize their thoughts. I understand that this is a lot to ask coding wise and thus is why it is just a suggestion. Have a good day Smile[attachment=458]
I think its fine as it is, and I don't believe OS is very intuitive at all, especially not with all these hidden menus and keyboard shortcuts. What would be a better thing to add I believe is a completely new UI for markers, and perhaps a better implimentation of the instrument panel that displays more than just volume slider, for quick access to instrument settings. A horizontal only zoom may also be nice if it can be added in a way that doesn't lag the entire sequencer.

To access only onle instrument notes at a time by the way, try pressing ctrl+the lock button next to an instrument on that panel thing
Also, if your only DAW experience is FLStudio or LMMS, their UIs kind of suck honestly, at least the last I tried them in 2019. Very clunky. You may wish to try other DAWs. Most DAWs these days all do the same thing pretty much so its important to pick the one that works best for YOUR workflow, and budget. I would strongly recommend trying the free stuff first and then the free demos many other DAWs have, to find the ones that work best for you