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Full Version: How do you like your chat?
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How do you like your chat?

[Image: Screenshot-2022-02-02-8-29-18-AM.png]
Full screen?
[Image: Screenshot-2022-02-02-8-29-04-AM.png]
[Image: image.png]
Or discord?
[Image: hi.png]
Not horny or spammy
Poll is up
sidebar is actually pretty nice to use while making music, my screenshot is a quite literal example

but if I'm not actually making music at the time, panelled
I like fullscreen the most cause it provides me the most space and feels the most comfortable
bruh hw u doin
Ayy M0 whats up? u remebr me m0?? U better,
(02-02-2022, 08:56 AM)This is (6) and Lit Wrote: [ -> ]Ayy M0 whats up?  u remebr me m0?? U better,

please leave me alone child
I'm back cause I am that a problem? M0 you want me banned? np
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