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Full Version: Acoustic Guitar
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Fairly straight forward.  What are your guys' techniques for getting the most authentic-sounding acoustic guitar?
This is the type of guitar I'm thinking of, for reference:

It's a rather broad category, but I'd like the "fullest" sound possible
Steel-stringed acoustic guitar probably sounds best. It would have been great if we had similar as on the video.
It would be quite authentic with the correct settings of what we have now. But I suppose you mean FL Studio or similar.
I can record my real guitar for you maybe, though I don't do covers

Also there is the free Ample Guitar plugin that sounds good
I'm obviously late, even to my own post, but I mean entirely over OS
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(07-12-2022, 01:08 PM)babetteteets Wrote: [ -> ]Do not save money on buying musical instruments, as an expensive guitar will last you much longer.