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Full Version: [osu! project] dummy viking - boss fight
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dummy viking posted this the other day, and I thought to myself... "hmmm, interesting."

I decided to map this song in osu!, and of course, bearing the title and feel of this song in mind, made it hellishly difficult.
So difficult in fact, it's almost reached the 9.00* mark, which makes it by far my hardest map so far.

This is the result:

The map can be downloaded here.

Feel free to post your playthroughs. Truth be told, I can't even pass this with HalfTime, so. lol

EDIT: Map is 9.33 stars in actuality. :>
well i have an account on osu of the same username so ill try later
wow. i'm delighted to find such an experienced osu! player on OS.

what's crazier to me, however --please don't take this the wrong way--, it's the fact that these days, it's 4-digit players who have unlocked the 8* FC medal. for a long time, it was basically exclusive to single-digits, which just goes to show you how crazy (and how crazy hard) osu! has become in the recent years.

either way, have fun, and if you wish, post your play here!