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Full Version: BUG: Highest and final B does not work with the xylophone.
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Some instruments are ignoring keys. When I click certain keys when using certain instruments, it just ignores it and doesn't make a sound, the keys that do not work aren't labeled.
This is not a bug. There are many MIDI instruments that can only play within specific note ranges. The xylophone is one of them. The highest B on the xylophone does not exist. Another good example of an instrument that does this is the Trombone. A real life Trombone cannot play higher than a certain note, and so thus the MIDI instruments properties do not allow those notes to be played.

Here on OS, you can still place the notes outside of their note ranges, but they will not sound.
Otherwise you can use detune. Bear in mind that lower detune calls for longer playing notes whilst higher up detune will shorten the sound that is played.