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Full Version: url change when you edit your song
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this is a feature online sequencer desperately needs, i was working on a song and later on i start playing roblox with a friend and to stop youtube video volume things (unsure of the term) appeared while i was playing and adjusted the volume, i decided to close my browser (Brave) but i forgot i had my song unsaved and open when i closed brave, i was given no prompt that i'd lose my work unlike previous times i used the midi sequencer and lost my song i was composing, the feature in question is when you add or remove a note in the sequencer, for it to edit the url to be unique, i got the idea from how beepbox handles composition editing.

tl;dr, add custom urls as a failsafe for people who close their browser without saving their song.

if it's possible to recover my song it was named "pissbolt piano" and i was making it approximately 5 hours ago i believe. thanks in advance if it can be recovered.
I dont like this
Its better to have just the same url you already had before you edited your sequence
I agree with trapbeat, I feel the url's (grammmer) would be too complicated
If the URL changes every time, than if you share a link and than update the sequence corresponding to that link, the link would be invalid or be replaced by another sequence.
It does give you a warning, just remember to press save when you want to save. I don't think having the URL change for every edit would be good, some songs would have at least 120000 characters in the URL and URL bars have character limits (pretty sure)
i hate beepbox urls. you can't send them anywhere there is a character limit. in this situation it's best to just use cookies or something to save progress on your computer. I dont see how unique ursl would have helped here.
The google browser warns me before i close the page.
just save, copy url of the page browser, then boom, easy
Firefox warns me too
I believe Brave also did
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