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Full Version: Degree of Making Music Online
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With online sequencer essentially being an online college of music, it is necessary that its members be awarded for completing their degrees.  Perhaps it could require 30 credits  from in school (OS points) to graduate, assuming the students have completed their core classes elsewhere and have transferred to Online Sequencer Institute of Music to complete their degrees.  Considering the fact that monthly contests can often be in the range of 8 credits each semester, students devote an extraordinary amount of time to them to maintain their GPA.  It could be possible that this is why the college lacks most sports teams, the students spend too long working because they take too many credits in order to graduate in a short time.  Just like any other university, the Online Sequencer Institute of Music offers a plethora of classes to qualify its students for careers, but many careers require not only the knowledge of these classes, but a certification of some sort that they did.  Hence the Degree of Making Music Online.  This would add so much value to the experiences we have with online sequencer.
oh yeah, os college baby
wait this is actually kind of a good idea
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the idea would be cool except i have another school i go to :/
(05-01-2022, 09:52 AM)PuzzlePuddles Wrote: [ -> ]the idea would be cool except i have another school i go to :/

You have already been attending this school in conjunction with other schools, have you not?
can i transfer my credits?
(05-01-2022, 10:01 AM)Alex! Wrote: [ -> ]can i transfer my credits?

You can transfer credits for core classes, but must get at least 30 in school credits.
Welp I'm never graduating then
I'd fail this class
Time to teach Online Sequencer trap
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