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Full Version: vibrato slider
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i don't know if someones suggested this before. jey, me, isaac, and cool172 talked about it a slight amount.
anyways, my idea is that there could be a new tab in "More Options" which is a vibrato slider that you can choose for any instrument.
you know the markers, and how you add instruments to note volume & detune and they can be separate?
you could do that with this in the tab, maybe. i kind of just rattled this off the top of my head so its probably not very good, but my suggestion basically is:
vibrato slider
in the more options menu
i was the one who brought this up in chat lol, i want this.
Instead of coding in an entire menu, let's just lengthen the existing advanced menu
(05-13-2022, 03:32 PM)Jey Wrote: [ -> ]i was the one who brought this up in chat lol, i want this.

oh yeah i forgot let me edit it
this would literally make some songs have 97% fewer markers. the tremolo/vibrato in sun in the city is over 3200 markers, while the rest of the song is 90
Yes add this