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Full Version: Colors
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I think it would be a good idea to pick any color you want for notes, not for instruments.
You would just select the notes, and then change them to any HTML color you want.
i think being able to visually tell apart each instrument benefits os's learning curve. you can see what instruments others use and subconsciously learn from that yourself
besides the instrument colors were picked well enough
This would mess up so many people's workflow
yeah being able to tell instruments apart really helps people learn what other people are doing in their songs, and also that would mess up my workflow so much
This is an interesting idea to be sure.
I personally agree with the majority of the other users here, this would mess up my workflow. But maybe there could also be a checkbox somewhere to toggle a user's custom colors on and off, like in settings or something.
I agree with this because it gives the feeling of uniqueness