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Full Version: Improved collaboration (concept)
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(05-27-2022, 02:54 AM)Bewilderator Wrote: [ -> ]like i said in site chat:
i also voted no. altho it's a nice idea that collabs could be made more easily, i think it would technically be nigh-on impossible to implement (site resources, think about the loading times if 15 lots of even just 6 individual instrument settings had to be rendered and loaded)

additionally, i do think that the ability to co-author sequences would be achievable with the resources available, and nice to see;
e.g. created 03-26-2023 by Bewilderator and Benvisions
a dropdown menu could provide the number of authors intended for creation and then adding them would be a case of searching/pasting the member number to which they can accept or deny

some form of easier private exchange-and-viewing of updates on a sequence (such as making it "unlisted" like in YT, requiring the link or authorship to view)
this would allow for collaboration (it wouldn't update real time, but would allow for private changes, and maybe also the ability to list the changes made since the last edit?)

that makes sense.
(05-21-2022, 06:41 AM)Benvisions Wrote: [ -> ]Okay, no one thought about this one, but let me tell y'all in full detail.

I'm thinking of suggesting a collab feature. It'll let users do collabs easier than the old way of doing collabs.

What does it look like:
Let us tell you in full detail.

Main point: It's just like OS except it's a room.
Collab chat: For suggestions and ideas for songs.*
Users: Up to 15 users at a time can help with the song.
Full control of instruments: Every person can make their music design on any instrument. One can control the EQ, delay, reverb, distortion, panning, and volume, and they can control the color.
Every OS feature as well. Don't miss the OS blues.

*Must follow the rules of OS.

Edit: For those confused about what I'm suggesting, this suggestion is for a collab room feature on this website.

This is a really good idea, i don't know whether it can be possible but anything can happen. It is almost like trying to recreate an impossible song, it might not be possible but we are still gonna try lol
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