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Full Version: the chat needs to change 2: electric boogaloo
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oscrm did not work
there are still sex jokes
there is still religious slander from time to time
people still discuss nsfw topics
people still post links to external chatrooms
you get my gist???
things need to change around here, and if they don't, i'm afraid for the future of this funky music community
the chat needs to better suit the purpose of making music and sharing it with your friends, making music online
not cracking sex jokes, not talking about religion, not talking about nsfw things, not posting links to EXTERNAL CHATROOMS. HINT. HINT.
[Image: stop1.png]
i hope you can agree with me on this, and we can start a second oscrm.
an oscrm that is better, more efficient. mods need to get stricter!!!!
tl;dr: oscrm revival/oscrm 2

ain't nobody gone see this slick edit. revive this thread, do something about chat, mods. stop sitting back
Interesting topic
-Although I can contest that garticphone isn't necessarily a chatroom, because from what I've heard its a game
-Sex jokes aren't too big of a problem if that person just doesn't spam them (you know who)
-Religious slander is bad although (just kidding religious slander is bad, never make fun of a person for their beliefs)
-NSFW topics is too broad considering it can be either people's background, sexual topics, gore, I could probably agree but getting to know about some peoples background can be an interesting thing to do, although it can become NSFW because half if not any users here
-I don't really know if stuff is too severe to change around this community but I'd like to hear other people's input
I think chat is alright overall, although it would be better if we followed the original Site Regulation Announcement. I'll look into what we can do.
I think CosmicPython just needs to control themselves
every time the mods get stricter, it makes me think that they hate us all.
I don't think the mods hate anyone, Benvisions, they just want a more friendly chat environment
oh okay. my brain is bad.
(05-25-2022, 03:52 PM)Lopyt Wrote: [ -> ]I think CosmicPython just needs to control themselves

Not just CosmicPython, many other people

(Which could include myself)
yeah i should probably just leave OS's community, since I seem to be one of the more vocal people who's been pretty resistant to OSCRM by nature. since y'know. i'm the guy in the picture. hi.

this message might be an informal resignation from OS. we'll see, i guess.
??nooo garlic phone is fun and also not a chatroom
i think the chatroom rule was intended to prevent random users from bombing skype conversations, discord servers, and zoom calls with unwanted material, not to prevent os users from talking outside of the platform. Disallowing any public links/directions to anything with a chatroom would be very annoying. for example, inviting chat to join a minecraft server or add them as a friend on valorant or something. I don't see the risk in either of those
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