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Full Version: Contests Too Hard; Add a Small Creators Contests
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A user by the name of lu202gamin has given a suggestion to add small creator contests so these contests can be more inclusive without "dealing with god-like" users. Normal users making random music contests isn't enough.

For users to be considered small creators we can use multiple areas to classify them.
1. Number of plays must be under 50k
    1b. They must not be generating plays quickly whatsoever.
2. Account age must be under 1 year
3. They must have not appeared on any major leaderboard at one point
4. No alts.

     We can also use the current format and layout of the more major contests and use them in these small creator contests (e.g. contest themes).

TL;DR, Contests to hard, make small creator contests to be inclusive.
get good
Once, a wise spirit did come to me ininecraft and gave me his words of wisdom:

git gud n00b

i did ur mom lolololo
im all for this except for the part where "have to be under 1 year", that's not a good rule
Why are the top 3 on the leaderboard talking about this. But also

Get good NEWBS LEL
Go tell lu202 not me
my brother says the same as lopyt, cool172, and alex. but I also dislike that idea.