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Full Version: OS sequence rating system
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So on every sequence there should be a thing that says "rate" or something and you can rate it 1-5 stars and give feedback. But I guess you could just comment to give feedback.
I would say a 1-10 star rating.
I think this is a bad idea
(06-03-2022, 03:37 PM)Lopyt Wrote: [ -> ]I think this is a bad idea

Done so on all the other times this was suggested
Every other website that I've been on that uses ratings for people's submissions turns into a *****show of a popularity contest with people 1-bombing the work of people that they hate and just handjobbing their friends with full marks. It never works, and it generally just brings lots of bad vibes into the community.

OS isn't a video game where you log achievements, put up high scores and gain levels to raise your 'status' on the site. That's just lame gamer culture just so someone can post a big score and say that they pwn you.

OS is not that at all. It's supposed to be a place to share your musical ideas and help each other learn and improve.