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Full Version: WASM files for web based audio applications
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Hello people of online sequencer. Recently I have been looking into the idea of porting FOSS plugins to use as a plugin on the web. I was wondering if I could get some insight into ideas on how easy it would be to implement this idea. 

From what I have found, not many people use the WASM file type when it comes to having web based applications especially within Web Audio Plugins (WAP)

There are a couple of sites I have found that might be interesting to read up on and check out

If this is the next future of web audio music production, I'm looking forward to seeing what the future can hold with this. 
Also DM me if you are interested in plugin developement. It's so interesting/fascinating. 
I am trying to get into JUCE and Cabbage (Csound)
Ooh those websites looj cool
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