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Hello. My name is Kevin Febles. The following message should be taken as a goodbye letter. Due to "recent events", I wanted to write this for if I were to retire or die. For all negative four of you who'd actually care, don't feel sorrow. I want you to feel happy that YOU'RE still here. I want you to be better than I felt I EVER could be. I want you to use your time on this space rock to be the best you that I KNOW you can be and at the end of your run, I want you to feel like in any other life, you would try and be the best person you can be for yourself and those around you in all of them. If at any point you feel that you've accoplished anything mentioned in this letter, then my work is done. Thank you all for everything this past year and a half. I love you all. - Kevin J. Febles
Will miss you.