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Full Version: Improvements Needed on Mobile
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Quote:Another important thing is that online sequencer does not work at all in safari web browser. 
It uses WebKit, and that's why.
Quote:I have found with some of my friends that even in google chrome, OS will not make any sound on an iPhone.
That's because, for the same reason as I said, for iOS all browsers use WebKit, in contrast with all other operating systems, because Apple restricted the engine to that engine.

Cut to the chase:
However, WebKit is not a good web engine and it's weak compared to Chromium.
Chromium is based on Webkit. Phones are just less powerful compared to computers so they often can't handle the precise timing required to play sequences smoothly.

For iOS it doesn't help that I've never had an iPhone so I can't test it on there, the closest I can get is desktop Safari which usually works ok except for some cases where Safari doesn't properly support web audio. Recent Android phones can play sequences just fine.
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