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Full Version: Can someone recommend me a good quality and cheap mic
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i just wanna rap

I want to start an event planning business, but I don't know a lot about it. I also need a business plan to start this business, so I searched online for that and found a website that can help me write a business plan for an event planning business at

Your welcome Tounge
XM8500 is not as great but its REALLY cheap and still kind of usable

For condenser mics you would pay a bit more and room noise will get picked up more, but they do sound really good on vocals

Look at pawn shops for drum mic kits and you can get a ton of mics for like $100 sometimes
so first you wanna go to the dollar store, and get some earbuds. then put it into a speaker's audio jack. premium quality.
Those mics I recommend arent just 'beginner' mics either, they are some of the most used mics in the world also here
Sure, I can share with you the one I personally use HyperX QuadCast. It’s a semi-professional microphone, for personal use and also for business use, like recording a meeting, podcast, or song for a music band. I use it for my small business, I have a podcast project, and fitness models, bodybuilders and other people from the sports industry give me interviews. So for me, it’s very convenient. By the way, I started my business not a long time ago and I was at first very afraid of all of that, however with the help of an article see this website, which explained to me how to set up a business I got more confidence.