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Full Version: sequence tasting
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(10-14-2022, 05:16 AM)trapbeat349 Wrote: [ -> ]

spicy bandok noodles
I am the sequence
(11-11-2022, 12:50 AM)Crumthecrumb Wrote: [ -> ]I am the sequence

you taste like drums
(11-11-2022, 02:06 AM)▇▆▙▆▙▇▞ Wrote: [ -> ]

if you could eat aerogel i imagine it would taste like this. your mouth feels empty as you chew down  on the most delicious cake ever
haha drums
gotta love crum the crumbs drums
bow down to almighty drums
we should make a song called Bow down to the Crumbs
tasting sequences for next 30 minutes
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