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Full Version: 2022 November Monthly Contest
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This might be helpful

It is easier without any feature, but a lot harder without all instruments :s
P.S. Thanks Vivaldi for the inspiration Wink

#2 (poop)

this song is my entry
(11-07-2022, 02:47 PM)SNAKEBOX2020 Wrote: [ -> ]

For grand piano (normal) I had reverb and equalizer, but don't worry I didn't use it, you can double check. Reason is because I was making a different song and then scrapped it.

I altered my original Pigstep to 2015 compatibility! even managed to make the graphic using minimal notes to reduse noise as there was no volume adjusting in 2015
This is my first contest, i tried my best.. So, yeah! :D
finally decided to make something shinier than my 2020 songs without markers.
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