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Full Version: Sub Divisions & Time Signatures
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It would be nice if you could type in whatever subdivision you want instead of only being able to pick from the 8 that are offered. This would allow you to have all type of tuplets and complex rhythms that you cant get with just 12th and 16th notes.

Similarly You should be able to type in what ever timesignature you want and you should be able to have a timesignature change at the start of any bar.

Obviously You would need to set limits on how small you could go with subdivisions.
you can time setTimeSig(number here) into the console to get any time sig over 4 (but only over 4, and you cant make it change at the start of a bar Sad )
you can also use stretchNotes(any decimal or integer) do change the speed of a passage. by putting fractions in it you can make tuplets. say you have a stream of quarter notes, you could highlight them and then type stretchNotes(4/5) to make them 25% faster
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