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Full Version: Word unabbreviation
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Welcome to a game called "word unabbreviation"

Rules to this game:
  1. A user must unabbreviate a word of the previous user's choice.
  2. After that, the user answering should give an abbreviation to a new word.
  3. If a user does not want to give an abbreviation to a word, they must use the word code "SKIP," however that means the next user must answer to the same abbreviation if the user calls "SKIP."
  4. Abbreviations must be in all caps, but unabbreviations don't need to be in all caps.
  5. You can use common message abbreviations, but the answer should be creative (the creative rule, however, is not required, but it's recommended).
  6. Brackets are allowed to make a word more complete if the letters don't sound good without transitions or if you want to add stuff without including it in the abbreviation.
  7. NEW RULE ADDED 1/20/24!!! You can go up to three times in a row before you're forced to make another person go.
  8. And finally: Have a lot of fun!

I'm going to check if anyone follows these rules.

11/29/22: Game created.
1/29/24: Added one new rule regarding turns.
no bye
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