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Full Version: The Adventures Of Poop Skywalker
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Write a story with with your corresponding character and probably some of the corresponding characters from the cast. Please write chunks of the story so that they correspond with each other and flow together to make a big story. I don't want just random stories about random stuff that doesn't have to do with the theme, setting or characters in the cast to be created in this thread.

Cast of characters

Add to the story so it flows and sounds like a story. It can be funny or stupid. The next person can add onto it making it a bigger and bigger and better story.

The story needs actors to play them,

Poop Skywalker:
A piece of poop that is strong with the force

Iran Solo:
An iranian guy that got kidnapped by the space taliban
He is now a feared pirate among the stars

Osama Bin Leia:
A princess from Afghanistan, was captured by Kim Jong Un and is now his personal slave. She hates the Kim Jong Un Empire and wants all of the people running it to die.

Aboka bombo:
An old apprentice of Barf Vader
She has 2 buttsabers and is pretty strong with the horse. She is an alien and is friends with groda.

A strong jedi with very strong horse powers. Sadly he is very senile and forgets where he lives so he might accidently kill people he doesn't know or recognize

Hobi Wan Gandi:
An old hobo that decided to hitch a ride on Iran Solos airplane and dies which makes him useless

Abe Lincoln: Gép Pityu
the 16th president of the United States. Got kidnapped by Iran Solo

Donald Trump:
45th President of the United States. Iran Solo's best friend and is very hairy.

Darth *****ious:
Another piece of poo. (seriously though where are we gonna get all the poo)

Barf Vader:
The most evil human bile you will ever see. He is strong with the horse and is a skilled buttsaber user

Hando Calzone:
An Italian food that grew legs and took over the planet Pespin. He is a gang lord and a friend of Iran Solo

R-Poo Pee Poo:

A brown robot that really likes poop for some reason

Kim Jong Un: Diabeto
The leader of North Korea. He is the ruler of all the evil. He has the power of the North Korean army and nukes on his side

Vladimir Putin:
Kim Jong Un's right hand man. An expert in nuclear technology. He is even considered to be stronger with the horse than Kim Jong Un. Vladimir Putin is feared among the galaxy. He eats younglings for breakfast and hates the jedi.

Bloba The Butt:
A giant asshole (literally). He is an evil crime lord. He has evil members of his mafia running multiple characters in the galaxy.

Booba Fett

A bounty hunter that looks like a boob. He is looking for Iran Solo. He wears indestructible armor. He also has a gun that shoots lasers

Its a brown and sticky night. Poop is flowing from the sky like an asshole on crack, poop skywalker went outside and was confronted by barf vader. Barf Vader swung his buttsaber at poop. But poop blocked it with the horse. The horse is strong with poop. Poop almost killed Barf vader. But barf vader dodged his attack and cut poops arms off with his buttsaber.

Add onto the story to make it even better and cooler
(12-15-2022, 01:05 PM)Crumthecrumb Wrote: [ -> ]WEEZER!

Suddenly poop gets attacked by the evil jedi WEEZER. WEEZER swallows poop skywalker whole, poop skywalker has never felt like this before. Poop skywalker activates his buttsaber and cuts his way out of WEEZER the evil jedi. Thinking that WEEZER is dead. Poop walks away, but WEEZER jumps at him and bites his balls off.
Choose which character you want to be and write part of the story you want added
Kim Jong Un was sitting on his rice thrown on his HUGE ship in space. He was pondering what planet to take over next
online sequencer
I'm still working on this
A Sentient PP that is covered in gold chrome metal. C-PP0 travels with Poop Skywalker and R-Poo Pee Poo. He gets destroyed multiple times and is pretty useless.

Count Poo Poo:
Another evil piece of poo

A piece of poop that is hairy for some reason. He is Iran Solo's best friend and is very strong he can rip the arms off porn troopers easily.

Porn troopers
Kim Jong Un's foot-soldiers. Clothes less soldiers They are very weak and have horrible aim. Poop skywalker and his friends kill them a lot.

Warwick Davis:
A very short person that's one of the strongest beings in the galaxy.

Mao Zedong:
The ruler of China and of many planets in the galaxy

Chuck Norris:
One of the strongest being in the galaxy, only behind Warwick Davis, Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, and Jesus

The son of god, super super super powerful, only Warwick Davis, Kim Jong Un, and Donald Trump are stronger

Alex Jones:
The news guy

Queen Elizabeth II:
The queen of the good guys, very old, and very strong. Sadly, she can barely move due to being so old.

Benito Mussolini: 
A royal guard, the most powerful royal guard. He is an elite fighter with really insane fighting skills. The force is strong with Adolf, and he is is the personal guard of Vladimir Putin

Joe Biden:
A very very old man, some say he is older than the universe itself. He has powers stronger than anything in the universe. He is also docile so he will not attack anyone unless he has been provoked
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