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Full Version: OS Weekly Leaderboards! Dec. 14 - Dec 21
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Hey, you all!

I thought this would be fun for no reason whatsoever, but I got the idea from this message and thought, "Hey, I could sort of do that myself!", so here I am. I'll do this every Tuesday night / Wednesday morning, right in the middle of the week. So, without further ado, these are the leaders in plays over the past week!

Top 10 Most Played Original Compositions on

1. The Cheese Song - Fat Cheese Man

2. The Song - Fat Cheese Man

3. A Fart in the Wind - Fat Cheese Man

4. Piano Battle - Fat Cheese Man

5. Ear Wax Massager / Ear Wax Remover - Fat Cheese Man

6. Encounter - Morakiv_

7. Song - Fat Cheese Man

8. The Desert Wind - Fat Cheese Man

9. Tangent - Inconsisent

10. Mouth of the Dragon - Fat Cheese Man


Current Leaderboard:

Fat Cheese Man - 31 points
Crumthecrumb - 10 points
LucentTear - 9 points
Morakiv_ - 4 points
Inconsistent - 4 points
Cool172 - 2 points
ashe x - 2 points
an unnamed cell - 1 point

Fat cheese man just got 19 points (8/10) in one week. There's just no way that was an accident. This week's wasn't even fun, it was just checking if it was by fat cheese man or not. Whatever, enjoy your win blah blah blah see you next week where hopefully it's a bit more eventful for everybody.
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