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Full Version: Auto-panning according to pitch
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One effect that feels like a great addition to the console (or right below the amazing all-new humanize button Wink ) that may or may not (depending on how OS handles things) be a somewhat easy thing to make, is an "automatic panning according to pitch," or how I would call it, "naturalization" (to pair with Humanization).

But what does it do? I hear you scream, a simple, yet strong effect.
It would take all selected notes, and based of the pitch of set notes (aka what notes it are) it would automatically add markers for every note, to pan it to the left for low notes, and to the right for high notes. This would be able to be typed as naturalize([number resembling width (max amount of panning)], [number resembling center of panning]) I understand if the "setting a center" is a bit too much to ask maybe but it would be nice Smile

If you don't understand what I mean, there is a manually-made example I have for you (and it took a hecking long time for it to be anything but perfect...)

Please pay attenton to the Grand Piano notes (not the A7 ones in the start) and the ragtime piano notes, that pan according to their actual note, to resemble their location on a real-life piano. This effect enhances the song by miles, and this song is the reason why I had this idea, since before I added this effect, it really sounded less "alive."

Please Jacob or Liam (or if there is any other devs) could you at least let me know if this would be possible? I definitly don't want to waste the devs time but it would be awesome to at least know if it was possible! 

Thanks for reading stay awesome!
That could be cool!