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Full Version: Seq6666666
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I was too fine in the OS chat, i was chatting so i decided to look some OS music, the music was great, so i found a very strange user called Seq6666666

He no has photo profile well, just he has the default photo profile.

He has like 10000 sequences in his profile so i hear his sequences. They are scary and they have voices that i don't understand.

So after hearing his sequences i gone to sleep, i had nightmares and voices in my mind.

I look for that user and i don't found him.

So i decided to upload this story to #OS anyways. I had now nightmares
how many threads you gonna post?
(05-25-2023, 12:51 PM)Geekgazer Wrote: [ -> ]how many threads you gonna post?

Whatever i want
whatever dude
L copypasta