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Full Version: The OnlineSequencer Djent Djenerator is here!!!
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Hey yall!

Been working on this project for about a week now. It's a djent riff maker, totally automated so you don't have to do a thing (unless you're feeling fancy). For those who don't know what djent is, check out Meshuggah! 

All that this script does is pick a sequence of notes, any amount from 1-10 (randomly), and add that to the list. Once it gets to 64 sixteenth notes, it stops and the code is produced in the output.


1. open the link (it's not a rickroll, trust me. It also won't give you a virus.)

2. press run

3. copy the output (you have to right-click copy it while still holding down on the left, its tricky)

4. open and set the BPM to 200ish

5. paste

6. Presto! It is now done! Copy the guitar to slap bass and move it down an octave, add some synths, and/or make the chinas louder (the latter being recommended) if you're feeling special.

Here's the link:

There you go! It isn't a pain in the buttocks to write djent music!

i hope this isn't against the rules
Holy sht