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Full Version: NinjaKittens Adaptations
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Hello all! I've been making sequences since 2014 (Not under a username) and I finally decided to make an account and start posting my sequences (Mainly the Banjo-Kazooie franchise). Now I'm not perfect and many of my earlier (And recent) sequences are not without errors, sometimes big. 

But I've decided to ignore my perfectionist mind and post these sequences anyways. I like to believe that Banjo-Kazooie is a nice mix to the endless streams of ***** remix's Tounge

So anyway enough talk, here are the sequences! (Ranked from earliest to latest)

1 (Rusty Bucket Bay): (Warning, my earliest and cringiest)

2 (Stone Tower Temple): (Also very cringy, but not as bad as the first)

3 (Freezeezy Peak): (For some reason my most popular, but still has some errors)

4 (Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side)): (Errors star to disappear)

5 (Cloud Cuckooland):

6 (Hailfire Peaks (Lava Side)):

7 (Click Clock Wood: Spring): (Warning, I went WAY to ham on the note layering Tounge)

8 (Mayahem Temple):

9 (Rusty Bucket Bay 2.0): (Second take on my first sequence)

10 (Terrydactyland):

11 (Grunty Industries: Outside):

12 (Mad Monster Mansion): (My personal favorite!)

13 (Bubblegloop Swamp):

14 (Treasure Trove Cove):

15 (Clanker's Cavern): (The left hand on piano is fairly difficult)

Any future sequences I make will be posted in the description!
Got a new one!

16 (Rusty Bucket Bay: Engine Room):
My childhood :D

I went straight for Clanker's Cavern. Very well done! Makes me want to hook up my old N64.