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Full Version: Lopyt's unfinished/unreleased songs
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Which of these songs should I work on? Which of these aren't worth it? Should I release these (so they will be on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.)? Got any advice on how to make them sound better?

Any general comments on any particular song? Thanks!

Systematic Chaos (metal)

Song 1 (metal)

Song 2 (EDM)

Song 3 (metal)

Falling Away (version 1) (EDM)

Falling Away (version 2) (EDM)

Song 4 (metal)

Song 5 (rock)

Song 6 (EDM)

Song 7 (metal)

Song 8 (EDM)

Song 9 (EDM)

Adwaita (EDM)

Song 10 (metal)

Song 11 (metal)

Song 12 (metal) HAS LYRICS

Dubstep drop 1

Song 13 (EDM)

Song 14 (metal)

Song 15 (EDM)

Song 16 (EDM)

Song 17 (EDM)

Song 18 (EDM)

Whispers in the water (rock)

Song 19 (EDM)

Dubstep drop 2

Dubstep drop 3

Song 20 (EDM)

Song 21 (metal) (Has lyrics) - collab with Darksans
I was writing a whole bunch of stuff but i reloaded on accident, so oops

my favorite songs were falling away v2 and adwaita, you should continue these

also i dont remember the electric guitar on adwaita being there, but it sounds very nice

i didnt listen to as much of the metal songs because i dont listen to that genre much

(also i meant to write this on my main account oops)
Any title suggestions or lyrics would also be appreciated!