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Full Version: Minecraft Racetrack for Fox's World using Ice and Boats
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I wanted to make a Minecraft Racetrack for Fox's World using Ice and Boats based on Laguna Seca but I have a few things to consider:

Laguna Seca is around 3600 blocks long

The speed of a boat on packed ice is around 144km/h and on blue ice is around 270km/h

If the boat accelerates to top speed really fast it won't be worth it to make the track the full length

The boats accelerate in a curve more like a go cart than a car with gears

Render distance may not render out the entire length of the track

If I make it too small you'll just hit a tight corner all the time and be forced to drive slower than perhaps you'd want to, killing all the fun :/

What should I do?
Laguna Seca is a great track and probably not great for iceboating. The boats drift by nature; Laguna Seca is meant for grip racing. I've had similar ideas and found that most F1/grip oriented track are not a great fit but feel free to try anyway! If you're sure you want to do this I'd say upscale by like 3x and have a hell of a time trying to hit an apex correctly.

Drifting is infinitely more fun for iceboat tracks because it's just the nature of it. 8 blocks width and gradual turns out of straights.

good luck have fun 👍
Which track would you suggest?