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come here if you want to write

I have three words of advice for beginning writers, 
1. If you can breath, you can write. You will always have writing material
2. If you visualise your lack of inspiration as block, it is a block, view it as only a pause
3. let your emotions flow into your writing, the more emotions you have the better your craft is
4. Don't be afraid, the less you edit the more raw it is

Ok thank you
I'll start with one,
The night is crowning
A slender facade
A cry bellows
It yearns for protection
Against a beast
One that only protrudes its wicked head
After indulging in its ephemeral ecstasy
The night is old
So old I can feel its dark hot fumes getting trapped deep in my lungs,
I'm choking on the pale brown dust of a wilted allium
As old as the night
Once tended to with all the care in the world,
Now its last faded petal will wilt
And I will watch
And I won’t do anything
Because i'm afraid
Afraid that the stem will shrivel
And the beast will sink its very own
Beer soaked hands
Into the earthen glue of our flower
And tear it up from the its roots
And as I, the roots, lay there
With my family of dying petals
The sun illuminating the crime inflicted unto my life
With its stifling light
I will wilt too
One day I woke up and was in what seemed to be some sort of void. The only thing I could see was the vast emptiness around me. Suddenly, I heard something. *BZZT* "What's that?" I say aloud. Just as I speak a glowing purple button appears in front of me, just levitating there. It read "Create." I had the sudden urge to touch it, curious of what it did, and a menu popped up in front of me that allowed me to create whatever I wanted. I knew what had to be done...

To be continued