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Full Version: kaede fashion thread
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hello my name is kaede and i wil be talking about fashioon things i like and brands and what i like about them

rick owens 

ok so rick owens is a pretty cool ddue he makes some relaly nice clothes. if youre ineterested in some of his stuff i would mostly recommend his shoes he makes such as the drkshdw collection (mostly converse-inspired shoes) and also his collaboration with dr. martens, amazing shoes laced very well

paradoxe paris
ok if you are looking for some *****ing awesome jeans i would 100% recommend paradoxe paris HOWEVER. like rick owens they are pretty expensive lkike 300 dollars for some jeans but these are 100% something that will get you ALL THE GIRLS!! also if they call you emo thats a good thing, that means ur dressing right broski!!

chrome hearts

it was kinda obvious this one was gonna be on the list, i love chrome hearts and everything they make bro

they have really nice rings along with nice hats and vests, i wouldnt really buy anything else though because they kinda overdo their hoodies. if u got like a really nice pair of personalized chrome hearts baggy jeans with the hardware in it it would b pretty cool


ok lets be real who DOESNT love balenci like lets be real its kinda fricking awesome. i LVOEEEWEEE balenci!!! i love their black trackrunner shoes and also some other stuff they have but i forgot it, Oh they have some cool windbreakers too i really dont remember but they have a lot of cool stuff

ok this one is a bit controversial because ye is a bit of a controversial guy.. uhh but yeah. yeezy has amazing shoes . do not buy the yeezy pods, i ordered them 3 months ago and they have not come.

anyway yeah!!!! i hope this helps you dress like an emo thug
(oh also i recommend robbing CEOs and politicians to afford these clothes, its all rlly expensive)
guys is this list super cool
new addition to this list is the rick owens reversible jacket

also if u dig online enough u can find some really good unbranded chinese clothes that look designer but are actually just original designs

if you cant afford any of the stuff on this list i recommend going to r/QualityReps as they post a lot of designer replicas
What shoes do you recommend for comfort and durability? I am unsatisfied with $10 Walmart shoes and one type of Nike shoes I also have (but the Nike shoes are way more comfortable than the walmart ones) would you wear this