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Full Version: The !911 Command Isn't Effective Enough.
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Hi guys and galls, especially the mods and devs of this site. I that the !911 command isn't very effective and the reason it isn't effective "imo" is that it takes only one mod in chat, to cancel your !911 call, and most of the time, the mod in chat will be AFK and will not respond in time to handle a situation.

I think we can easily just counter this by raising the limit from 1 mod in chat to at least 3 or 2 mods. To answer a question I see coming regarding this topic is that if an active mod is already in chat, and someone 911's just make it clear they won't need to !911 if there is an active mod, just an AFK one. Obviously for someone who abuses it, just punish them.

This isn't really an important issue but I would be thankful to have it implemented.
Agree, or maybe if the moderator hasn't sent a message in a specific time or something
So, in short, what are you suggesting?
Mainly because even if a singular mod is on and they're afk, we can't 911
(04-18-2024, 01:09 PM)tbyunomi Wrote: [ -> ]Mainly because even if a singular mod is on and they're afk, we can't 911

hm. What does the 911 command even do?
Using the !911 command requires you to also add a description of the incident and confirm it with !confirm. It pings all mods in the discord server as far as I know.