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Full Version: recomendations for mousee
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new mouse?
Depends on what you are doing with it
(04-20-2024, 07:26 AM)Lopyt Wrote: [ -> ]Depends on what you are doing with it

that does not help please link new amazon mouse please?
If you aren't gaming, or at least not playing competitive shooting games or Osu style games, then the Logitech MX Ergo Vertical mouse is pretty good. It looks pretty strange compared to normal mice but its actually not that much different to use, unlike a trackball, and very easy to switch over to. Its a lot nicer on your wrists than other mice. It also has a better sensor than most of these vertical mice.

If you are playing that kind of game, then what would be best is the lightest mouse, on a very frictionless mousepad. Maybe Logitech G Pro Superlight or Steelseries Aerox 3, on one of those frosted glass mousepads like Pulsar Superglide mousepad.

If you don't use your computer much and don't game then whatever is the cheapest mouse you canfind will probably be fine