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Full Version: Fix The Off-Tab 8-bit Bug
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So, after using this page for almost over a year now, I've found the one bug that bugs me the most is one that only happens when the experimental 8-bit mode is on. Whenever I switch to another tab while playing a song on 8-bit, it ends up stretching the notes and overlapping on each other. Is this only happening to me? If it isn't, can someone please fix that?
Not only you, and very annoying.
It sounds simple but this would actually be complicated to fix. For a long time it happened with the regular sounds too.
Oh. Well, thanks for showing us that you still come on and comment and stuff!
If you move the playing sequence to a separate window this doesn't happen.
Really? Huh, that's weird. Very good solution for now at least, until they actually figure out what's causing the problem. Thank you for the reply.