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Full Version: Easily find sequences based on tags
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needs a like / dislike system
(04-15-2024, 07:07 PM)Luzz Wrote: [ -> ]Turning 17. I started using this site because it's cheaper than FL Studio. (This is free Oops)

Like/dislike could be a tag as well
Amazing idea Lopyt.
This is a good idea
I haven't read all the replies but

Tags for sequences: many words, and even custom tags such as: fast, chill, calm, hectic, ambient, pop, chords, jazz, freeform, polyrhythm, panning, etc.
Users could add or change these at any time and it would not show as edited.

Search/sort filters:
creation date (a custom range e.g. feb2021-sept2023),
instruments used,
titles (using special characters too),
sequences that have "inspired by" == true,
sequences that HAD been inspired by another,
comment count,
Tempo estimate (search through sequences with default tempos between A and Z)
Title length (character count)
Filtering playlists: as above but within playlists

ps. another fun thing could be like an instrument per year vote - the people vote for one of several options, and the team(s) devote whatever time to "perfecting" that instrument.
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